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Board of Directors

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New Vision's Board of Directors reflects the composite leadership – both public and private – of the largest, most vibrant urban area in Central Washington. The board is the backbone of the association, and its most important asset.

The Board of Directors provide our organization with depth in experience and vision. They are committed to build a solid economic foundation for the Yakima Valley.  Directors serve a minimum of three years with additional tenure for those who serve on the Executive Committee. We greatly appreciate their time and commitment to this organization and our community.

Position Name
Board Chair Diane Patterson
Vice Chair Moriet Miketa
Treasurer Dan Marples
Secretary Andrew Sundquist
Past Chair Randy Fenich
Exec Cmte At-Large Jeff Louman
Exec Cmte At-Large Bill Clemens
Exec Cmte At-Large Jay Hester
Exec Cmte At-Large Sharon Prill
Director Maureen Adkison
Director Cus Arteaga
Director Patrick Baldoz
Director Kevin Bouchey
Director Debbie Byrd
Director David Cobia
Director Jesse Farias
Director John Gallagher
Director Mike Gilmore
Director Beth Klingele
Director Cevin Ladwig
Director Mario Martinez
Director Jordan Matson
Director David Murray
Director Brian Myre
Director Tony O'Rourke
Director Jim Restucci
Director Doug Rich
Ex-Officio Verlynn Best
Ex-Officio John Cooper
Ex-Officio Luz Gutierrez
Ex-Officio Sean Hawkins
Ex-Officio Dr. Linda Kaminski

"The reason Valley Processing is located in the Yakima Valley is because of the close proximity to fruit, good transportation infrastructure, and a good workforce. " - Terry Bliesner, Vice President, Valley Processing