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Mission Statement:

The Yakima County Development Association (YCDA) will enhance the income, quality of life, and employment stability of Yakima County residents by retaining, expanding and recruiting new business and industry.


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2014 Annual Report
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Success stories

The association's priorities are to:

Build local business;

Recruit new industry; and

Provide workforce and community leadership.

Results and Return on Investment

alt textYCDA commissioned an independent study of our accomplishments in 2013.  The study completed by the Cascade Planning Group analyzed the association's impacts over the last five years (2009-2013) and over the association’s lifetime (27+ years). 

Past Five Years
  • YCDA materially helped 12 firms locate or expand in Yakima County.
  • These firms have made investments in facilities and equipment totaling $82.2 million,
  • The businesses created 410 new jobs (with more anticipated).
  • These jobs pay an estimated $12.7 million annually in wages/salaries. 

Since the Beginning

  • Since 1987, YCDA has materially assisted 43 firms to locate or expand in Yakima County. 
  • These firms have made investments in facilities and equipment totaling $420 million
  • Companies receiving YCDA assistance have created over 2,850 new jobs.
  • 2,850 direct jobs represent 6.3% of the net job growth within Yakima County from 1987-2013.
  • Workers earn an estimated $91.9 million annually in wages and salaries. 
These results stem from team efforts and New Vision cannot take full credit for these business development success stories.  Our hats are off to the companies who have invested in the Yakima Valley and added to local payrolls.  We also appreciate all the help from our partners on these business projects.  We win when we work together. 

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