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Inside the Walmart Distribution Center

June 24, 2011

One of the projects we are most proud of is the recruitment of Walmart's food distribution center (DC) in Grandview.  The facility started operations in 2004 and the company employs approximately 600 associates at the DC.  Employees make an average wage of almost $18 per hour and their paychecks favorably impact communities in the vicinity of Grandview.

The facility itself is massive.  We have been on several tours of the place and the following facts put the DC's scale in perspective:

    • The property sits on 115 acres;


    • The total warehouse Square Footage is 894,000, enough to fit 20 football fields;


    • There are over 20 acres under roof;


    • Interior is approximately 31,500,000 cubic feet.  It takes 9265 trailer loads (132 miles of trucks bumper to bumper) to fill the facility;

A few additional points of interest:

    • Temperatures ranges from over 100 F in the summer to -20F in the ice cream storage area;


    • The facility can ship 200,000-250,000 case of food per day


    • The most popular item in America's grocery stores... bananas; and


    • The DC donated 644,344 pounds of food to local food banks in 2010.

We appreciate Walmart's impact in our Valley.  They have grown to become the County's second largest private employer.  The next time you drive along Interstate 82 by Grandview you should take in the DC to the North of the freeway.  Know that this facility contains a beehive of activity whose economic impacts radiate throughout our region.  The DC is a great symbol of what we can accomplish through team efforts and a constant reminder of the benefits that come from economic development.

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