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Manufacturing - The Last Decade’s Fastest Growing Industries Favor Our Valley

July 11, 2011

Manufacturing as a whole has been hit hard over the past ten years, losing 4.7 million jobs nationally. However, there are industries within the sector that show growth. The top 10 fastest-growing manufacturing industries from 2001-2010, all showing job gains, were:

    • Wineries


    • Perishable Prepared Food Mfg.


    • Oil and Gas Field Machinery and Equipment Mfg


    • Ship Building and Repairing


    • Surgical and Medical Instrument Mfg.


    • Ethyl Alcohol Mfg.


    • Plastics Pkg. Film and Sheet Mfg.


    • Digital Printing


    • In-Vitro Diagnostic Substance Mfg.


    • Spice and Extract Mfg.

Locally we have quite a few companies in the industry groups listed above. This certainly bodes well for our area. Our local manufacturing sector lost several thousand jobs over the last decade (which follows state and national trends). Over the last year though, Yakima County manufacturers had added back over 1000 jobs. Let's hope this manufacturing renaissance continues and that we continue to see job gains in the industries above.

Thanks to the Prosser Economic Development Association for this information.                      

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