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Local Industry Perks

Local Industry Perks

July 01, 2012

GE Aviation Employee Machining Parts Over the past few months we have touched based with quite a few local companies that are poised for growth.  It is exciting to see our manufacturing companies doing well and a marked turnaround from a couple years ago.  Firms like Amtech and Peninsula Packaging have received a lot of publicity around their growth.  Amtech is expanding into a new building and has already hired 25 new employees this year.  Peninsula is relocating into the former Ace Hardware building.  It plans to add about 30 people to payroll as it fires up new equipment on River Road.  These companies are joined by other companies like John I Haas, Biotwine, Balebreaker Brewery, Tieton Cider and HF Hauff that are in an expansion mode.  And it gets better.  Our office is working with at several other production companies who are quietly working to grow their footprint and job count in our Valley.  We cannot share much information about these emerging projects but taken as a whole our office has not seen this much expansion activity in years.  It is very refreshing to see so many businesses expanding in our Valley.  The reasons for growth vary from firm to firm, but mostly these businesses are responding to increasing demand for their products.  As an example, cider sales nationally are going through the roof.  With increasing demand for thier product, Tieton Cider is expanding production to fill a market opportunity.

As our office connects with expanding businesses we typically try to help them access tax credits, sources of financing, and assistance with workforce placement or training.  The type of assistance varies firm to firm though and New Vision often helps these companies in other ways as well.  Our office primarily focuses on supporting manufactureres but we are also part of a broader safety net that helps businesses of all shapes and sizes.  We may not be able to aid every business but we always refer companies to other local people that can help.  To learn more about how we can help businesses, click here

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"The Enterprise Challenge made us work but it was fun too. New Vision did a great job coaching us towards success and we are poised to grow in the Yakima Valley." - Jenny and Jeff Simmons, Owners, Jenny Mae's Gluten Free Bakery