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Call Center Opening in Yakima

Call Center Opening in Yakima

December 17, 2012

In collaboration with the Yakima County Economic Development Association (YCDA) and the City of Yakima, Arvato Digital Services LLC (Arvato) has announced that it will open a new state of the art customer care center in Yakima in January 2013.  Arvato plans to invest several million dollarsand anticipates creating over 150 call center jobs in Yakima over the next several years.  The new facility is located at the corner of Yakima Avenue and Third Street, where previous call centers for Whirlpool and Client Logic were housed.  The call center will be one of several such sites Arvato operates throughout the United States. 3rd_&_Yakima_Avenue_01 compressed

“Yakima was selected by Arvato after conducting an extensive evaluation of several communities across the country. Historically, our company has successfully adapted its capabilities to meet the evolving needs of our clients,” said Bob Fletcher, EVP North American Customer Service at Arvato.

This is excellent news for our region.  We had never heard of Arvato Bertelsman at first, but we subsequently learned they are a well established German company that owns subsidiaries like Random House Publishing, and syndicated shows like American Idol and the Family Feud. The Arvato Digital Services division provides back office services to businesses and will bring sorely needed new jobs to our community.  Lots of the employment opportunities will be at the entry level but there will also be higher paying technical and management positions at this new operation.  We have enjoyed working with the company.  A lot of the credit also goes to the City of Yakima, JEM Development and WorkSource for getting Arvato to locate in Yakima.  Our partners did a great job responding to the company’s questions and needs.

Yakima Mayor Micah Cawley said, “On behalf of the City, we are excited to welcome Arvato to town.  This company and its employees will have a positive impact on the community. It is great to see a successful corporation with good jobs locate in downtown.”

For more information on this new call center, visit Arvato’s website at www.arvato-na.com.  Applications for employment will be collected on – line at www.buildyourcareer.com

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