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The Glass is At Least Half Full

The Glass is At Least Half Full

January 22, 2013

Jack SchultzA few years ago we brought Jack Schultz to Yakima to speak at our New Vision annual meeting.  Jack is the author of Boomtown USA and a big believer in the future of small towns across America.  Schultz writes a column documenting his work with small communities and his passion for entrepreneurship.  One of his recent blogs is right on the money and we wanted to share his perspective that our glass is indeed half full!

A Little Good News (from Jack Schultz's Agurban blog)


As we wind down the year, we looked for a little good news to share with our Agurban readers. Sure, there's plenty of bad news out there too, but in the spirit of the season, we just want to focus on the good!

      • The recent U.S. unemployment rate of 7.7% is the lowest level since 2008; 146,000 jobs were added in November.
      • Job growth in the technology sector outpaced the rest of the economy three to one.
      • U.S. productivity grew at an annual rate of 2.9% from July to September 2012,  the fastest pace in two years.
      • Apple is investing $100 million to build one of its Mac line of computers excludievely in the United States in 2013.
      • The U.S. is closer to being a major natural gas exporter.
      • Americans saw some of the lowest gasoline prices since January.
      • The U.S. still commands about 20% of global manufacturing.
      • Manufacturing employment has been growing steadily in the United States for nearly two years.
      • The US is the world's biggest economy.


The New Year is sure to be full of unknowns. But one thing is for certain: We live in the greatest nation in the world, with freedoms and opportunities that we must not take for granted. That's the best news!

Jack is right!  We live in the greatest country on earth and we do indeed have a bright future.  It is easy to get down on ourselves with so much negative news swirling around and we can be awfully hard on ourselves here in Yakima County.  Let's take Jack's perspective to heart and realize that our Valley is also doing well and that we have a lot of potential going forward.

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