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Magic Metals A Pacific Northwest Leader in Precision Sheet Metal and Machining

Magic Metals A Pacific Northwest Leader in Precision Sheet Metal and Machining

March 18, 2013

Powder coating line at Magic MetalsA group of us recently toured Magic Metals' facility in Union Gap as part of our Industry Roundtable initiative.  The tour highlighted the company's success within the precision sheet metal and machining industry.  Magic Metal's Thom Shirey noted that their customers can expect more when they work with Magic Metals.  They strive to make every step in the process efficient and it was clear they have achieved their industry status through investments in technology and people.  The company's array of state of the art machinery and automated systems give them a leg up against many other machine shops in the Northwest.  Brandon Haley. one of Magic's key employees, commented during the tour that "Having precision sheet metal and precision machining under one roof gives our customers a true advantage for fast turn around."

The company has experienced great success in its 28 years in Yakima.  Garry Griggs started Magic Metals humbly with four employees dedicated to customer service and precision machining.  Now, they boast a state of the art facility with over 130,000 sf., employ over 190 local workers and manage a full fleet of their own trucks.  Being located in the Yakima Valley has made them a central provider in the northwest and allows premium service customers.

magic metals 1It was evident that the company has embraced lean principles throughout it's production facility.  It was orderly, clean and streamlined.  Shirey described how they ship over 7,000 parts a day consistently for just one of their customers.  The majority of their work is custom fabrication for precision sheet metal  clients.  It is truly a one stop shop, offering CAD design, laser cutting, machining, welding, powder coating, finishing and assembly.  There is no limit to the type of customers attracted to Magic Metals.  They provide services to agriculture, construction, marine, telecommunications, just to name a few.   Their mirror stainless fabrication provides their customers with a flawless product and it's appeal has allowed the company to create a sister company called Mirror Magic as their distributor of mirrored stainless steel.

Our thanks go to Brandon Haley, Marcus Van Kommer, Thom Shirey and Darrin Delquadri for organizing a great tour for our group of local industry leaders.  Our appreciation also goes to Garry and Kevin Griggs for building an outstanding local company that provides family wage jobs and big economic impacts for our community.  Click here to visit the Magic Metals website

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