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Bale Breaker Brewing Company a Great Addition To Our Valley

Bale Breaker Brewing Company a Great Addition To Our Valley

April 15, 2013

I happened to stop by the grand opening party for Bale Breaker Brewing Company this weekend.It looked like about half of Yakima was there as well. It was a windy day for a celebration at the new brewery so the crowd spilled inside to the production area. For the Smith and Quinn families the big opening was fitting after over a year and a half of planning and development It has been rewarding for our office to see this company get off the ground.  It builds upon our community's brewing culture (ex. Grant's), helps celebrate our hop growing traditions, and accents our area's tourism appeal.

The new brewery spurs new jobs and tax revenues, another welcome dividend for our Valley. As importantly the  new production facility helps prime other development in the surrounding area. Last year the City of Moxee work Bale Breaker Breweryed with Yakima County and property owners to build a water line approximately two miles to Bale Breaker's site This line serves hundreds of acres of light industrially zoned property along Highway 24. It compliments the wastewater line the City put in a few years back  Now with road interchange improvements slated at Morrier Lane and Highway 24, the final puzzle piece is in place to make this area development ready.

The early success at Bale Breaker stems from teamwork  There is an extended family and friend network supporting this new enterprise.  Similarly a partnership between our office, Yakima County, and the City of Moxee ensured that this great new business could ready the neighborhood for other businesses that will boost our local economy. Congratulations and good  luck to Meghann and Kevin Quinn and Kevin Smith.  We are excited about your new brewery and the economic seeds it plants for our future.

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