Yakima County Development Association - Thanks to Our Member Investors - Economic Development is a Team Sport

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Thanks to Our Member Investors - Economic Development is a Team Sport

Thanks to Our Member Investors - Economic Development is a Team Sport

May 08, 2013

One principle I have long believed in is that it takes focused teamwork to be successful in economic development.  New Vision's results depend on the actions of many people within and beyond our Valley.  Think about it our organization does not own land, provide business capital, issue permits or do much to actually build or expand a local factory.  What we do in spades though is harness talented people's energy around our region's opportunities for economic growth.   When companies evaluate our Valley for new facilities or a local firm expands, our office rallies the troops to make sure these investments are made locally. 

New Vision has enjoyed a number of successes over the years.  In every one of these cases we have won because of our VallNew Vision team sportey's ability to work together.  Our organization appreciates the talented people who have made a difference on our business development projects.  We also thank all our funders and financial sponsors.  Without your support New Vision would not exist nor would we be positively impacting our Valley economy.

We recently ran an ad in the Yakima Herald Republic thanking our team and we want to make sure everyone possible sees it.  Our success is built on teamwork and New Vision appreciates everyone that supports our cause.  Click here to see our ad.  Click here to see our member/investor list.

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