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Coop Marketing - A Logical and Affordable Way to Promote Our Valley

Coop Marketing - A Logical and Affordable Way to Promote Our Valley

September 16, 2013

img077Our organization is joining forces with the Ports of Sunnyside and Grandview on a full page promotion that will be featured in Choose Washington magazine.  The publication will be used throughout 2014 as a fulfillment piece at major trade shows and marketing events.  Our local team will also get reprints of the magazine to use with business prospects.

Earlier this year, we teamed up with the Ports to attend a major Agriculture show in Tulare, California.  It was cost effective to join forces on this prospecting trip.  It would have cost our organization over $7000 to do this marketing trip alone.  Likewise it would have cost nearly $6000 to place the right size ad in Choose Washington magazine.

New Vision™s marketing budget is fairly limited.  As a result we put most of our dollars into website promotions and upkeep.  This is where most companies and site selectors start their search for locations so we put a premium on adding and maintaining good web content.  We also invest in trips and marketing that cultivates relationships with site selectors.  These are the consultants who typically site up to a third of all new factories across America each year.  These professionals have brought us the Walmart Distribution Center and Arvato Digital Services (along with quite a few prospect site visits).


Our new full page ad positions Yakima County as a destination for farming, food processing, and distribution.  We focused our message towards key industries that best fit our Valley.  These sectors are also doing well these days so it makes sense to target companies in these niches.  Ultimately our new coop piece is a win-win for everyone involved.  We can tout the entire region cost effectively while our Port partners get a special shout out within our umbrella marketing efforts.

Next year we are likely to revisit Tulare and put similar emphasis on prospecting trips to agriculture and food processing shows.  The current ad is a great symbol of partnership and an effective down payment towards raising our Valley™s image as a business location. 

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