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Yakima Herald:  New Vision's new vision far sighted

Yakima Herald: New Vision's new vision far sighted

December 01, 2013

An editorial on New Vision that appeared on December 1, 2013

The Yakima County Development Association, operating under the trade name New Vision, announced today that it will undertake a $1.9 million dollar capital campaign.

David McFadden, New Vision CEO said, “These funds will be used to strengthen and advance our Valley economy over the next five years.”

The Yakima County Development Association was established in 1985 to engineer a county-wide economic development effort.  In its 28 years, New Vision has materially assisted 43 firms to locate or expand in Yakima County.  This has created 2,852 new jobs and over $532 million in economic activity.

Mike Broadhead, CamNew Vision team sportpaign Chairman, is optimistic about reaching the $1.9 million goal.  “I am confident we’ll get there, he said.  “A recently conducted economic impact study revealed that, in the last five years, New Vision has generated a return on investment of $95 for every dollar invested.  As a banker, I’d call that a pretty good investment.”

New Vision initiatives have expanded from primarily business recruitment efforts to include assisting local businesses with expansion and talent recruitment.  McFadden added, “Our scope of services is much broader today.  The value we bring to existing businesses is greater now than ever before.”  He went on to say, “Everyone benefits from growth.  A strong economy makes home values higher.  More and better jobs means our kids can return home to start their careers.  The benefits of healthy growth go on and on.”

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