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Roundtable Focuses on Workforce Training Resources

Roundtable Focuses on Workforce Training Resources

November 22, 2013

perry-tech-machiningAt our November Industry Roundtable meeting we had several resourceful people  join us to talk about programs that can help local business train new or incumbent employees.  Our session started with an overview from Yakima Valley Community College and Perry Technical Institute about assets these schools have for employers.

Bryce Humpherys, YVCC’s Dean for Workforce Training,  talked about the College's interest in training partnerships.  He mentioned the College's work with Can Am. GE Aviation, the Farmworkers' clinic and Tree Top on customized workforce training projects.  In addition the college has provided specialized training to companies on a variety of topics.

According to Humpherys, YVCC is interested in working with business on general or specific training projects.  They can often tap into staff resources to provide instruction but YVCC also work with partners like the Wine Commission and Impact WA to cover specialized topics

perrytech2011Chris Cote talked about Perry Technical Institute.  The technical school's mission is to train people so they can get a family wage job.  The school has an 85% + placement and their enrollment has almost doubled over the last few years.  They offer certificates in instrumentation, machining, business technology and accounting, and several other disciplines.  Perry can provide customized training for business but typically does this on weekends and nights when training doesn’t interfere with ongoing classes.

Anna Nikoleava talked about the State Job Skills Program (JSP).  It offers matching grants to companies for customized training projects.  JSP funds typically go to community colleges like YVCC to support company or industry training projects.  Companies provide a 50 percent match, typically in the form of wages paid to employees during training.  Learn more about the JSP.

Sally Harris from the State Department of Commerce talked about the Governor's new Work Start program.  It is specifically targeted towards expanding companies that are adding to local payrolls.  The funding is flexible and can cover a variety of needs.  She suggested that companies with projects work with our office to scope them out and see if they fit this program

worksourceworksourceworksource yakimaPatrick Baldoz acquainted our group with placement and training available through the South Central Workforce Council.  Local Worksource offices can work with employers to post jobs and screen prospective applicants.  Employers can also qualify for wage reimbursements for on the job training activities when they hire employees from disadvantaged backgrounds.  The Workforce Council also invests in customized training when funds are available to support industry and incumbent worker training.

It was good to hear about programs that can help companies develop their employees.  If your business could benefit from or is curious about workforce placement or training programs contact us at jean@ycda.com or 509-575-1140.  .

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