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PEXCO Adds Value to Our Community

PEXCO Adds Value to Our Community

October 30, 2013

Our industry roundtable group toured Pexco recently.  It is the fourth manufacturing facility our team has visited this year and we were impressed.  Martin Streich, Pexco's plant manager told us that the company was founded as A&B Plastics over 40 years ago.  The business got started in Selah, moved into Yakima later, and finally built its own facility in Union Gap about 15 years ago.  Pexco acquired the Yakima facility in 2009.  The company is headquartered in Atlanta and has 11 production facilities across North Americapexco

The Yakima facility is 145,000 square feet (no small concern) and primarily manufactures plastic components for aircraft interiors.   It also produces airbag parts, theatre/casino lighting, and tree wrap. Pexco has 225 employees including a lot of skilled engineers, machinists, and technicians.  We were very impressed with the company's attention to safety and productivity.  Pexco also generates significant favorable impacts for our region.  The company's purchases and supply chain help feed other local businesses.  Pexco generates significant tax revenues for Union Gap and Washington State.  And employees are paid well meaning that they typically own homes and spend significant dollars locally.

Our hats are off to Martin Streich for hosting our group and running a great company that our Valley should be proud of.  Let's hope PEXCO continues to grow and  prosper in our community.

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