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Chinese Brewers Visit Local Hop Industry

Chinese Brewers Visit Local Hop Industry

September 30, 2013

Our office hosted a delegation of six Chinese beer manufacturers recently.   The group visited our Valley to learn more about hop growing and processing, source supply channels for hops and taste some of the region’s outstanding new hop varietals. 

Our office only learned of the visit just days before they were set to arrive with no itinerary or meetings set.

Our friends and partners at John I. Haas and Yakima Craft Brewing did a great job supporting the delegation.   After visiting Haas’ beautiful new facility our group visited one of the company’s hop farms.  tour.  came to the rescue, partnering with New Vision to coordinate a full day of tasting rooms and hop farms. They were all smiles by the time they departed. The new John I. Haas facility is a beautiful new facility and the staff were incredible assisting us coordinate tours on such short notice.

On a previous trip five years earlier, the president of the Chinese beer company had toured John I. Haas and met with Pete Mahoney. We found out when we arrived at John I. Hass that Pete was wrapped up with another meeting and couldn’t meet with the delegation. Of course they were disappointed they were not able to connect with Pete again and had brought him a gift they wanted to personally deliver. Sensing their disappointed, Roy Johnson from Haas, and our  full service tour guide, was able to track Pete down just as the tour wrapped up and the group reunited in the parking lot. The delegation and the company president especially were overjoyed at the opportunity to reconnect.

At New Vision we are grateful for our strong partnerships with local businesses who we are able to call on even at a moment’s notice to assist us with putting Yakima Valley’s best foot forward every time. Thank you to Roy Johnson, Mark Sechser the farm manager at Yakima Golding Farms who spent hours in the field with the delegation and their interpreter answering question after question and Jeff Winn owner of Yakima Craft Brewing for hosting our lunch and a tour of the facility on River Road.

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