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New Vision Tops Fundraising Goal

New Vision Tops Fundraising Goal

May 02, 2014

Our association is pleased to announce that we have hit our $1.9 million fundraising goal.  This is the seventh successful capital campaign New Vision has completed since its inception in 1985.  Funds raised will support our operations over the next five years.

Mike Broadhead, chair of the fund drive was pleased to lead another successful campaign.  "It was one of the smoothest fundraisers I have been involved with.  It shows that we are producing good results and have a strong team of followers up and down the Yakima Valley.

Slightly over 250 public and private investors are supporting New Vision's ongoing efforts.  Pledges total $1,913,000 but the association expects this number to increase as the campaign winds down over the next month.  

The association will recognize its campaign leaders at its annual meeting on May 6th.  Mike Broadhead, Bill Clemans, Cus Arteaga, Moriet Miketa, Jay Hester, Jeff Louman and Mel Wagner did a great job leading the fundraiser and we are fortunate to have such a dedicated crew involved with New Vision.  "Through tremendous volunteer efforts we ran one of the lowest cost campaigns in our history", added Broadhead.  "New Vision is doing outstanding work - our third party impact study showed that the association generated $95 in new economic activity for every dollar invested in its programs over the last five years."

New Vision will put full energy towards building local business, recruiting new industry, and providing workforce and community leadership.  These are the three main goals the board established in the association's new five-year plan.

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