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Mapping Food and Agriculture in America

Mapping Food and Agriculture in America

July 21, 2014

Yakima County is a national leader in agriculture - our region is the 12th largest farm production area in the nation.  Given how important agriculture is to our area we were fascinated by a series of maps published by VOX Media.  This company has created a news site, VOX, that created to explain today's news using maps, pictures and charts. 

alt textHere are the 40 maps that explain food in America.  Covering everything from meat consumption to food stamps to barbeque, the maps provide an interesting look at food (and beverages) in our country and abroad.

Thanks to Jack Schultz who tipped us on these maps in his enewsletter, the Agurban.  Schultz is one of our heroes who penned Boomtown USA, the 7 1/2 Keys to Success in Small Towns.  Schultz is a a champion for entrepreneurship and American manufacturing which makes him very popular in our office. 

New Vision works to help local agriculture companies grow and we also work to attract new value added agriculture companies to Yakima County.  Here is a profile we use to tout our local processing capabilities.  We also developed this flyer to support our marketing efforts at the Natural Foods show in Anaheim earlier this year. 

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