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Yakima County is a National Leader in Agriculture Production and Processing

December 04, 2009

Yakima County is the 12th largest farm production area in the nation. Our region leads the United States in the production of apples, hops, and mint and the Yakima Valley produces over 1.2 billion dollars worth of agricultural commodities annually.  Local farmers grow 39 different commodities so food processing and packing operations enjoy a diverse supply of high quality farm products.

    • Yakima County is the largest, most diverse agricultural county in the Pacific Northwest with over 1.6 million acres of farmland.


    • Our highly accessible Pacific Northwest location and superior transportation infrastructure allows for maximum efficiency in shipping product throughout the U.S. and around the globe.


    • We have established suppliers and support firms with the right expertise to help growers, food processors, and packers thrive.


    • Our valley has an experienced and loyal workforce with finely honed skills that support farming and food processing operations.

Companies like Smuckers, Del-Monte, and Tree Top are located within the Yakima Valley because of the advantages outlined above.  The Yakima Valley also enjoys affordable real estate options, an ideal Pacific Northwest location and a toolbox of incentives to help businesses grow. To learn more about the food processing industry within our region click here.

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"We are a community in transition, we are hungry...seeking to draw new business." - Dave Edler, City of Yakima