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Jonathan Smith

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Yakima Valley: High-Yield Growth

Yakima Valley: High-Yield Growth

March 13, 2009

The Yakima County Development Association helps companies grow their operations in the Yakima Valley.  Contact our office at 509-575-1140 or info@newvision.com for quick confidential assistance.  We are a one-stop source for all the information and assistance that is available to local businesses from a network of government agencies, chambers of commerce, colleges and universities, and other important non-profit service providers.

Some things are just timeless, even in an ever evolving marketplace.  The reward of a good value is still worth the search.  Quick and efficient delivery of goods to market remains paramount.  Flexibility and responsiveness are foundational to business success and lasting relationships.          

Bottom-line value, lower business costs, greater efficiency, and flexible, customized solutions are among the benefits to companies in the Yakima Valley.  This Central Washington community located along Interstate 82 has a diversified economy with well-established presences in logistics and distribution, food processing, industrial machinery and supplies, aerospace, business and professional services, and health care.  A pro-business community, the Yakima Valley is prepared, willing, and able to grow.  Its ready mix of resources and incentives cut cost and time.
    • Yakima Valley: High Yield Growth
    • Bottom-Line Value
    • Goods, People Move Quickly, Predictably
    • Timely, Flexible, Customized Solutions

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