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ACCRA Invaluable for Cost of Living Data

September 16, 2010

Do you ever wonder how much more or less it costs to live in Seattle versus our Valley.  How do our costs stack up against Missoula or Eugene.  For answers to these questions plus a ton of "apples to apples" price data we rely on the ACCRA cost of living index.  Maintained by the Council for Community and Economic Research,  the ACCRA Index is the best source of city-to-city comparisons of key consumer costs.

The Council tracks key cost of living variables (housing, food, utilities, etc.) for over 250 metropolitan areas across the United States.  Our office maintains the ACCRA data for Yakima County and we literally have to track down prices at grocery stores, doctors' offices, and other locations to ensure overall accuracy and reliability of the index.

As a result of maintaining the data points for our area we get comparative cost data for metro areas three times per year.  Listed below is our current ACCRA data (3rd quarter, 2009) and how we compare to other cities within the Northwest (100 = national average).  As you can see our costs of living are significantly lower than Portland and Seattle.  We are also a little below the national average.

If you have questions about our cost of living versus other cities contact our office at newvision@ycda.com or 509-575-1140.

Weight Cost Yakima Seattle Portland Spokane Tri-Cities
100% Composite Index 96.9 121.7 113.6 93.8 92.1
13% Grocery Items 100.9 118.2 113.3 91.5 90.0
29% Housing 95.3 147.4 129.3 85.0 84.6
10% Utilities 89.0 85.9 92.8 93.0 82.8
12% Transportation 108.5 114.5 109.0 106.9 111.5
4% Health Care 121.9 112.8 108.0 106.9 109.5
32% Misc Goods & Services 100.9 113.6 108.5 99.6 93.4
  Average Rent $575 $1,486 $958 $703 $683
  Average Home Price $259,668 $422,964 $397,061 $247,969 $253,600

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"We recently moved our business here from Portland. The Yakima Valley offers our employees a higher quality of life as the access to family activities and recreation are phenomenal." - Tregg Farmer, President, InfoTek Research