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Adventurer RV Continues to Grow in Yakima

April 15, 2011

Our community's new recreational vehicle manufacturer is going like gangbusters these days. Adventurer RV located their new manufacturing facility near the Yakima airport in 2008. Since then they have weathered the recession and continued to put down roots in Yakima. The company, headquartered near Vancouver British Columbia, has been in business for over 40 years. One of the secrets to their stability is that they operate one of the largest fleets of rental campers across Canada. All of the company's initial production in Yakima was shipped back north to help rejuvenate their fleet of rental campers.

More recently Adventurer acquired the assets of Eagle Cap campers, a United States company that had facilities in Oregon. This new truck camper line diversifies Adventurer's mix of recreational vehicles and helps keep the Yakima plant busy. The company has also started to produce motorhomes at their facility.

According to plant manager Jeff Gaskell, "Our sales to Canada and the United States are picking up and that further bolsters our production load in Yakima." The company now has over 90 employees and expects to add more workers in the year ahead. As a result of the company's growth, Adventurer recently added a second production line to their Yakima plant.

I wish we had one this nice!

Gaskell is pleased with the company's Yakima facility: "The labor force is solid. We have a good core group or employees resulting in low turnover."  He also cited that our region's central location helps the company because of its proximity to key suppliers and end markets.

New Vision helped the company get established in Yakima. Adventurer needed help securing state business licenses and tax credits. It was an interesting experience for our office because the company had no real knowledge of how to get their U.S. based manufacturing operation established. We also helped the company recruit Jeff Gaskell back to Yakima. He worked for Trailwagons but had moved to Idaho after the company closed a few years back. It's good to have Jeff back in our community and see Adventurer do well in our Valley.

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