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New Vision Websites: Your Yakima County Encyclopedia

May 10, 2011

Over the past couple years our association has created three new websites and a ton of new content on the Yakima Valley.  As a result of these efforts we can proudly say that we offer the deepest and broadest array of information on Yakima County available.  Our www.ycda.com site hosts information on labor costs, real estate, top employers, demographics, and just about anything else that an expanding company might find useful if they are evaluating our region for new business facilities.  The www.liveyakimavalley.com site is designed for people that are relocating to the region.  It provides a ton of information on topics like outdoor recreation, housing options, health care, and local schools.  Our www.yakimavalley.biz site helps local businesses and entrepreneurs learn about and tap into online help and connectivity that can help these enterprises thrive.

www.yakimavalley.bizA couple times a year we comb through our websites looking for content that needs to be updated or changes.  I am in the midst of this review now and it is startling to see how many facts and figures are loaded within our sites. It is during these times that I wonder whether it's really necessary to have all this data on our sites.  Then I quickly wake up and reaffirm that having this type of information online is absolutely essential. In terms of business recruitment, over 75 percent of company searches for new locations start online.  If we want to attract new industry we must have a full featured site that responds to prospect company's queries about real estate, transportation, labor, incentives and a host of other topics.

In a similar vein if we want to help local business grow or attract new people to the Valley, it is important to provide online information that is accurate and comprehensive.  We invested in www.liveyakimavalley.com and www.yakimavalley.biz because information about Yakima County was not available, out of date, or scattered all over the place.

New Vision is constantly raising our Valley's image as a place to live and do business. To do a good job selling our community involves understanding and marketing our "product".  Our websites are deep because our prospective investors come in lots of shapes and sizes.  By keeping our sites current and attractive we can be a key resource for a wide ranging audience and often help facilitate their move to Yakima County.  In an era where most people reference the internet first for just about anything, it is extremely important to provide comprehensive and accurate information on Yakima County. We are pleased that our websites provide an aesthetic and effective gateway to our communities.

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