Yakima County Development Association - Economic Investment Supports Multimillion-Dollar Expansion

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Economic Investment Supports Multimillion-Dollar Expansion

Economic Investment Supports Multimillion-Dollar Expansion

November 06, 2015

The Supporting Investments in Economic Diversity (SIED) Board recently gave its support to the City of Grandview’s $518,250 funding request to make improvements to the Euclid and Wine Country Road intersection to accommodate growing truck traffic serving local businesses. The project will facilitate the $3-5 million expansion of FruitSmart Inc.’s processing facility, improve access to Smucker’s and increase the marketability and access to the Port of Grandview’s shovel-ready certified Wallace Way Industrial Site. The project will create more than 15 jobs within five years, which is a conservative projection given the number of partners involved in the project.fruitsmart logo

The project was made possible through a partnership between private enterprise, the City of Grandview and the Port District. This joint effort enhances the local economy by progressing multiple interests over the long term. “Given the amount of ongoing development in the area it makes sense to fund infrastructure that supports expanding companies while improving access to available industrial land in anticipation of future economic growth,” said SIED Board Chairman Jim Sewell. 

Roads and infrastructure improvements may not be the most glamorous projects in economic development, but these public investments are essential to help fuel community growth throughout Yakima County. The City of Grandview and surrounding communities will undoubtedly benefit from the infrastructure improvements this project will bring, as will the greater Yakima Valley region.

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