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GIS Property Database Puts Region on the Map

GIS Property Database Puts Region on the Map

August 12, 2015

We are excited to announce another great addition to our website. New Vision recently installed a new map-based property database that showcases our region's industrial sites and buildings.  The YCDA Property Database pinpoints each property's location and provides details for each site or building. 

As you follow the links above and look at our new map driven property listings please note that you can also obtain detailed demographic, consumer spending (see explanation in grey box below), industry, and occupational data for the surrounding area.  By default visitors see this data in a ten minute drive from the building or site.  Visitors can change these parameters to pull data within a certain radius around or drive time from a property.  Plus our customers can get city or county data at their fingertips.

New Vision has also loaded several map "layers" into our property database.  Visitors can locate rail lines, schools, parks and other public facilities.  Bottom line, this new property database takes our game to a whole new level.  We are excited to offer real estate information in a user friendly format that is coupled with up-to-date demographics and related statistics. 

As we roll out this cool new property database we are also working with our partners to add more properties to this database.  New Vision is now open to having its partners put commercial, office and retail properties onto our site.  Since the system allows users to search for properties by type (retail, commercial, etc.), we can have lots of properties in our database without looking cluttered.  The map and screening tools allow visitors to hone in on priority sites or buildings. 

In today's age, websites are of paramount importance in economic development.  Our visitors, especially those who represent expanding businesses, want user friendly sites where information and supporting demographics are accessible and easy to export.  We are pleased with our new GIS property database.  It puts us on the cutting edge in terms of web-based property databases and deepens our partnership with cities, realtors, land owners, and developers throughout the Valley. 

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