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Lesson Plans from the Shop Floor

Lesson Plans from the Shop Floor

April 10, 2015

We are excited to share that some of our business education partnerships are coming to fruition.  Last fall we started introducing Jeff Charbonneau to local businesses and asking him to develop lesson plans based on each company's operations.  Jeff built on our introductions and typically set up follow-up appointments with companies when he could bring a team of teachers back to develop lesson plans and projects for local classrooms.

alt textOur office helped Charbonneau connect with a dozen local businesses and his team has crafted "learning scenarios" for most of these businesses.  As an example here are three scenarios from Tree Top:

Jeff changed directions as a result of working with these businesses and crafted broader learning scenarios for participating companies.  He was not happy with his first attempts at these classroom exercises admitting that he would not have used the first plans in his own classroom.  After working with his teacher peers they changed directions and created scenarios that are broader views of each company's problems (or work situations). These capsules allow teachers in a variety of classroom settings to expose kids to real world learning opportunities.  

By the end of the school year we hope to develop learning scenarios for at least 12-15 local businesses.  The scenarios from these businesses will be posted to the regional stem website over the next 4-6 weeks.  


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