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Manhasset Wins Green Manufacturing Award

Manhasset Wins Green Manufacturing Award

November 05, 2014

We were excited to learn that Manhasset Specialty Company has won the Association of Washington Business' Green Manufacturing Award.  The company was one of five receiving recognition at AWB's annual manufacturing summit.  According to Kris Johnson, AWB president, “A strong manufacturing sector is the foundation of a strong economy.  These employers are doing their part to innovate, to make sustainability a priority and to find better ways to do business."

For the Green Manufacturing award judges evaluated firms maximizing energy efficiency levels, going above and beyond regulatory requirements, minimizing waste from the production process and reducing their carbon footprints. Converting green manufacturing into a business opportunity was also considered. 

alt textManhasset Specialty Company was recognized for making black music stands that are 100 percent green. The company started changing its practices in 2002 when it installed an environmentally friendly powder coating line. More recently it further reduced production waste by adopting a new treatment process which is completely waste-free.  Manhasset became is the first company in the Northwest, and one of only 30 so far in the nation, to adopt this new technology. 

Going green wasn't cheap.  The company shut down production for more than a month to prepare for their new equipment.  It also represents the biggest upgrade of their manufacturing line in decades. The new process is also more efficient.  While the new processes caused some disruption the net result is positive.  Manhasset anticipates full payback within one to two years.

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