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New STEM Videos Feature WA Fruit and John I Haas

New STEM Videos Feature WA Fruit and John I Haas

January 06, 2015

We are pleased to share the newest STEM videos produced by our student partners at the Yakima Valley Skills Center.  A big THANKS goes to Washington Fruit and John I Haas for showcasing their companies, career opportunities, and skills needed for success. 

alt textYou'll notice we have a new cadre of students producing these clips.  Our team this year includes Angelino Martinez, Tony Martinez and Mathew Feltrup.  Over the past year our student teams have produced eight outstanding clips highlighting local companies and career options. 

We are thrilled with these videos because they allow younger adults to see what local companies do and the careers they offer.  Not every business is able to offer plant tours, visit classrooms or provide job shadows so these videos are a great way of showcasing local employers and the key skills they need from current and future employees. To learn more about this project click here.

alt textTo see the video featuring John I Haas click here.  You can view Washington Fruit's video here (plus all of our other STEM ciips on this page). 

As part of the overall initiative to advance STEM education New Vision is also building webpages to feature companies and videos on a regional STEM website.  We will continue to expand on these pages in the future and hope to add links to classroom projects and problems at the bottom of each employer page.

The video project has gained statewide notoreity as a model business education partnership.  The videos allow companies to portray what they do and the key occupations, skills and attitudes needed for success within these businesses. 

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