Yakima County Development Association - New Vision Hires Executive Search Firm to Help Find Next President

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New Vision Hires Executive Search Firm to Help Find Next President

New Vision Hires Executive Search Firm to Help Find Next President

July 17, 2015

New Vision has selected M&A Executive Search to help the association hire its next President/CEO.  Our organization interviewed four search firms and M&A stood out for several reasons.  The company had just completed a search for an economic development position in Washington state so they have a fresh set of contacts they can work regarding our job opportunity.   This is a big plus.  M&A also offered New Vision a two year guarantee which means if our next President leaves early or does not work out that M&A will do the search again for no fee.  All our candidate firms offered a year guarantee.  We were impressed that M&A would offer us a longer insurance policy.

Our interview panel was also impressed that M&A could complete our search process in about 90 days.  Other firms needed more time to complete the search and our team prioritized getting our next President on board as soon as possible.

New Vision's Board members will be meeting with M&A's president Greg Albrecht in early August to develop "person specifications" for our next leader.  It's been 19 years since we hired a President and the job and business of economic development has changed dramatically since the 1990s.  Of all goes well Greg should be identifying and bringing the New Vision search team a list of candidates by early September.  This would put us on a schedule to interview these candidates in late September or early October with the hope that we get our new President on board around November 1st. 

If you would like to provide input to our search process or have any questions about our next steps towards hiring a new President feel free to contact Beverly Samuelson.

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