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New Vision's Biggest Successes

New Vision's Biggest Successes

March 26, 2015

At our annual meeting and 30th year anniversary celebration we highlighted our major accomplishments:

  1. Getting Started!  It took courage and conviction to start New Vision.  Not everyone in our Valley supported our cause initially so it took a lot of energy to get the ball rolling;
  2. Laying an early foundation for success:  New Vision’s work to identify target industries, develop industrial sites, and support local industry helped us focus and produce good initial results
  3. Addressing workforce issues:  Our push for business education partnerships, customized workforce training, STEM education, and higher educational attainment have helped improve our workforce and address key employer needs
  4. alt textProviding leadership on policy issues:  New Vision has helped write state legislation, weighed in on key regulatory issues, advocated for  key transportation projects, and pushed local ballot initiatives to form port districts, develop recreational amenities, and fight crime.
  5. Sustaining the organization:  We have staged seven successful capital campaigns.  Our finances are sound and we managed to actually improve our financial health during the recession.
  6. Promoting Entrepreneurship:  We moved in new directions five years ago putting more emphasis on helping entrepreneurs and emerging businesses.  Our Enterprise Challenge has been a signature part of these efforts – Over the past five years we have helped over 100 entrepreneurs through this contest.  Over 40 of our contestants are in business and these enterprise employ over 60 people.
  7. Recruiting new business:  Our office has played a pivotal role in the attraction of 15 new companies to our Valley.  These businesses have created over 2100 new jobs
  8. Moving in effective new directions:  In addition to entrepreneurship we have also focused on helping employers attract talent.  We are no longer just chasing smokestacks.  Instead we are implementing a smarter agenda that puts more emphasis on growing our own economic garden.
  9. Developing the SIED program:  The long term track record for SIED is absolutely amazing.  We have helped invest over $35 million in every corner of our Valley… making a huge difference.  SIED funds have supported over $200 million in private investment and over 1500 new jobs.
  10. Making a Difference.  New Vision has always been a lofty name to live up to.  Our biggest accomplishment is building an effective team up and down our Valley that is committed to advance our local economy.  We have done that - helping businesses invest over $500 million and creating over 3000 new jobs.  We didn’t do this alone and our number one success has been to work cooperatively with our public and private partners to make a tangible difference.

alt textIt has been very gratifying to work with a great group of people througout Yakima County on these major initiatives.  We all share the success stories outlined above.  We win when we work together.

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"New Vision was a terrific help with our new facility in Terrace Heights. They saved us so much time and legwork, being able to tap into their expertise really helped with establishing our new facility. We appreciate their help so much – I don’t know where we would have gotten the information we needed without their help." - Tim Orth, Yakima Manager, Pacific Steel and Recycling