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Site Selector Information

Key Industries

Food Processing/Agriculture
Industrial Machinery/Supplies
Backoffice Industries

Health Care

The Yakima County Development Association actively works with site selectors and other consultants who help companies scout out locations for new facilities. As a result of our long term relationships with these professionals we have developed a comprehensive set of statistical data including demographics, local employers, wages, education resources, and more.

The Yakima Valley enjoys favorable operating costs, excellent transportation logistics, and capable public and private partners at the local level that can help companies thrive.

Average Salary 51.13 KB 237 KB
Cost of Living 44.5 KB  282.5 KB
Demographics 54.62 KB  235.5 KB
Education & Training  49.5 KB  232 KB
Employers 94.68 KB  235.5 KB
Employment & Wages 42.14 KB 226 KB
Environment 43.99 KB  225 KB
Government 47.23 KB 237.5 KB
Industrial Buildings & Sites 43.68 KB 229.5 KB
Industrial Investments 48.58 KB 232 KB
Insurance  44.76 KB  228.5 KB
International Resources 45.13 KB 70 KB
Labor Force 45 KB  229.5 KB
Military  195.5 KB  278 KB
Quality of Life  64.3 KB  314 KB
Research Base 41.6 KB  220 KB
Tax Comparison -  WA vs. OR & CA  42.6 KB 225.5 KB
Transportation  49.9 KB 288.5 KB
Unions  44.5 KB  229.5 KB
Utilities  58 KB  253.5 KB

"New Vision was instrumental in obtaining a large state workforce training grant that has been used for assistance and training of employees at all levels of our company. The training has been extremely beneficial as our company expands." - Jim Richmond, CubCrafters