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The KISS Principle

June 23, 2009

Can you sum your company or business idea up 30 seconds or less?  Using the KISS Principle, 'Keep it Short and Simple', is a good practice when talking about your business.  How many times have you been talking with someone and you find yourself wondering when they will get to the point?  You're thinking, "Wny do I care about their mission statement or where they went to high school, spit it out!".  When this happens, some listeners (or maybe just this one) tend to become disinterested, tune out, plan an escape and can ultimately end up avoiding the 'long talker'.  Just think how detrimental this could be when you are networking or, even more important, talking to a potential customer or investor.

There was a recent article in BusinessWeek - Sell More by Saying Less (Carmine Gallo, June 16, 2009) that really made me think about this and how I can be more effective when speaking or writing, even blogging.  The author briefly sums up some great tips for communicating more efficiently.  He also mentions how Twitter can be a good tool for learning how to sum up your thoughts (20 words or less).   One of my favorite websites is Six Word Memoirs, where you can submit your very own six word 'story'.

Some people tend to talk more when they are nervous or write more 'fluff' to make an article seem longer.  It would be a good idea to practice talking about your business, just like you would prepare for a presentation.  The person you meet in line or on an elevator may just be the investor or customer you are looking for - don't risk turning them off by talking too much.  Get to the point, then ask them about what they do.  Some entrepreneurs or business people love to talk about their business or how they got started, or better yet, even offer advice that worked for them.  Join us for our first YVEN Pub NIght and practice your spiel!

I could go on and on about this...but think I'll take my own advice and keep it short and sweet.

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