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Are you really an entrepreneur?

March 05, 2010

I've heard the definition of an entrepreneur is someone that sees a need or problem and designs something to fix said problem.  Sounds easy enough, right?  I see problems every day - I could do this!  You're thinking, piece of cake, I could too! Just how do you know if you're an entrepreneur? Take Dan Isenberg's Two Minute Entrepreneur Test to see if you're destined to be an entrepreneur or if you may want to do some more soul searching.  Love #15, Can you start without gobs of money?

Then, if you want a second opinion, you can also answer 20 questions by Seth Kravitz, SecondCityCEO, that delve further into the realities and sacrifices many entrepreneurs face.   Warning - this test really goes for the 'gut check', for example are you willing to miss your kids' baseball games and dance recitals?  Put personal relationships at risk? Live without a vacation for years?  I love his question #2, I embrace Failure.  I'll admit, I failed this test with flying colors.

Many people consider themselves entrepreneurs or as 'having the entrepreneurial spirit'.  One thing I've learned in working with this population is that many entrepreneurs have a distinct and unique personality, yet there are some common traits and characteristics (definitely a topic for a future blog).

I would also surmise that there are entrepreneurs out there that have been turned down for financing, scored low on assessments and driven their friends and families crazy, yet ended up with a successful idea or invention.  I recently read that Apple, eBay and Google (among many others) were initially turned down for venture financing.  It takes perseverance, passion, drive and common sense to keep pushing your idea.

In response to the two tests, what other considerations are important for entrepreneurs?

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