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Four Ways New Vision Helps Local Business Grow

Four Ways New Vision Helps Local Business Grow

July 01, 2011

You may have noticed recent changes on the website to incorporate local industry resources in addition to entrepreneur resources.  We found that many topics overlapped and applied to both people that want to start a business and our local companies that want to grow and expand in our County.  New Vision can help your company start and grow in Yakima County.

There are numerous resources and tools in our toolkit, but here are four key ways we can help:

1.  Tools and tax incentives for expanding companies.
From financing tools, industrial site assistance or state incentive programs, we can provide information to help guide your expansion.  We can help navigate the territory of government-backed loans, inform you about state tax credit programs for hiring new employees and assist with the industrial revenue bond process. 

2.  Workforce training and education.

New Vision works closely with the Workforce Development Council, other training partners, local colleges and universities and local industry to offer a variety of training courses, based on industry demand.  One request that arose from my visits with local manufacturers was the need to train new supervisors.  Out of that input, we recently offered a series of training classes for new supervisors; the classes were so popular we had to add an additional session.  In all we had over 60 employees from 19 different companies attend one or all of the four part series.

We also frequently inform members of our association and subscribers to our Industry and Entrepreneur E-News of upcoming educational events.  These are often included in the events page of the website.

One additional resource is to collaborate with our local industry and educational partners to allow a company to take advantage of one of the State's Workforce Training Programs.  We have aided quite a few local companies with the State Job Skills Program and are currently working on a project with the Customized Training Program for one of our large manufacturers.

3.  Talent Attraction - Recruiting and retaining key employees to Yakima County

Our office is helping local employers recruit and retain key technical and professional employees to the region.  The talent attraction effort is anchored by two new websites that complement one another:  LiveYakimaValley, a comprehensive county-wide lifestyle website and WorkYakimaValley, a job exchange portal.  We have held numerous training sessions to develop a stable of regional ambassadors to help new residents get comfortable in the area and have also organized a number of very successful new employee receptions to introduce new citizens to local leaders.

4.  Leadership on Community Issues

New Vision administers the Yakima County SIED fund that helps fund public utility improvements that support expanding companies and paves the way for new business facilities.  We are also actively involved in the redevelopment project of the former Boise Cascade Mill site.

One call to our office (575.1140)can yield quick, confidential assistance.  Often times, we can connect you with the person or agency best suited to your question.  We are here to help local companies and look forward to talking with you.

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"There's tremendous untapped potential in Yakima; there's also tremendous room for expansion - you're not constrained with respect to land. " - Robert Wallace, CEO, Wallace Properties