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New Vision Launches Industry Roundtable to Support Local Business

New Vision Launches Industry Roundtable to Support Local Business

December 23, 2011

We are excited to announce the formation of a Business & Industry Roundtable for the owners and managers of Yakima County's major industries.  The New Vision Business & Industry Roundtable is based on similar groups that have organized in other communities to coalesce local manufacturers and key industry leaders.

Brad McDowell, President of AB Foods/Washington Beef, is one of the biggest promoters of this initiative.   "I was involved in a similar group in another community and it was such a good opportunity to meet my peers and learn about similar workplace issues and solutions", McDowell notes. He adds, "One of the added benefits of the previous network was that we were able to develop some successful business to business relationships, and I see a huge potential for that here." Owners and CEO's of some of Yakima County's largest employers are supportive of the new layout and like the year-long calendar.  A letter went out this week from the leaders of Tree Top, Shields, Amtech, GE Aviation, AB Foods and Magic Metals inviting their peers to attend the kickoff event and participate in the roundtable on a regular basis. Local industry outreach is an essential component to New Vision and this enhances efforts to connect with all our manufacturers every couple of years. The first meeting kicks off in January with a report and discussion on the results of the 2011 statewide manufacturer's survey. Coffee & networking begins at 7:00 a.m., and the program starts at 7:30; the meeting will be held at New Vision offices, 10 North 9th Street, Yakima. We will organize meetings every other month to focus on issues of importance to local industry, such as regulatory affairs, conserving resources and workforce training needs.

There will be a half hour at the start of these meeting devoted to networking so company leaders can learn from one another and share their business experience. Roundtable meetings will be complemented by plant tours.  We plan to visit a number of interesting facilities to see and learn more about local companies.  New Vision plans to invite local education leaders on these tours so that we can continue to work together to develop (or maintain) training programs that meet local business needs.

New Vision will also offer periodic training seminars to accompany roundtable activities. Whether it’s training for supervisors, an introduction to exporting, or a lean manufacturing seminar, we are committed to organizing professional education opportunities for manufacturers and their employees. If you have any questions or would like more information about New Vision’s business and industry roundtable, please contact us at 509-575-1140 (or tammy@ycda.com).  

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