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Ways New Vision helps Local Industry

April 06, 2012

New Vision responds to the needs of local manufacturers, key businesses and entrepreneurs recognizing that they are a significant source of new jobs, investment, and wealth creation within our Region.  Whether it is helping a new company locate in the county or working with an expanding manufacturer, we can assist in many ways:

  • New Vision staff proactively contacts 40-50 key companies annually to gauge their health and offer tailored assistance as necessary.
  • Staff works with expanding companies to ensure they are aware of any tax credit, workforce development or infrastructure assistance programs.
  • New Vision is helping emerging businesses and entrepreneurs.  We work with partners to offer seminars for start-up enterprises.  We also stage the Enterprise Challenge, a business plan contest that helps identify and reward the region’s most promising new ventures.
  • New Vision also provides leadership on community issues affecting the regional economy.
  • New Vision helps local employers recruit technical and professional employees to the region.  Our talent attraction initiative is anchored by our new websites, www.liveyakimavalley.com and www.workyakimavalley.com.  We also train ambassadors to work with new residents and organize receptions to introduce new residents to local leaders.
  • New Vison administers the Yakima County SIED fund that helps fund public utility improvements that support expanding companies and pave the way for new business facilities.
  • New Vision is actively involved in redeveloping the former Boise Cascade mill site as well as other industrial/commercial sites in Yakima County

Yakima Valley Toolkit

We can also provide information on:

  • Exporting;
  • Government-backed loans;
  • Industrial revenue bonds;
  • Job skills training and education;
  • Licensing;
  • Relocation;
  • Targeted jobs tax credits; and
  • Sources of goods/services for manufacturing.

New Vision has helped 18 companies locate or expand operations in Yakima County since 2005.  These companies have invested over $75 million in new facilities and added over 600 new jobs.

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"New Vision was a terrific help with our new facility in Terrace Heights. They saved us so much time and legwork, being able to tap into their expertise really helped with establishing our new facility. We appreciate their help so much – I don’t know where we would have gotten the information we needed without their help." - Tim Orth, Yakima Manager, Pacific Steel and Recycling