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New Vision Collaborates on STEM Industry Videos

New Vision Collaborates on STEM Industry Videos

September 16, 2013

New Vision is the midst of collaborating on a STEM project (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) with ESD 105 to develop videos that showcase the types of skills Valley businesses need from employees now and in the future.  The goal of the video project is to build bridges and create awareness and understanding between students and employers.  Businesses are looking to our students as their future workforce and the “Virtual Industry Tours” concept is a great way get kids to see real jobs in STEM professions in our Valley. The Virtual Industry Tour video’s will showcase Valley employers with a close up look at their STEM related careers. 

We want kids to seSTEM Videoe that STEM education does apply directly to real world jobs.  Our goal is to create eight video’s this school year with help from the Yakima Valley Technical Skills Center Media Production Program.  We plan to stream these videos off a special STEM website being created and make them available to STEM networks throughout Washington. Our first critical step is making these video’s interesting to our audience of 12-18 year olds, and still keep with the goal of highlighting STEM careers.  Thankfully we have a great team of student video producers at YV-Tech that provide a fresh teen perspective. 

To build on that we have designed three focus groups to help us discover how to make these video’s cool enough that students will want to watch them and hit on all the important career details.  Our first is a student group we recruited to give us feedback and advice on what will keep them tuned in.  The second is a school counselor group that will provide guidance on what career advice students need.  And the third is an Employer group to tell us what is going to be important to relay to kids for on the job success. Stayed turned for progress reports and updates on this and other exciting projects related to STEM.   If you have questions you can always give us a call at 509-575-1140 or email jean@ycda.com.  

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