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TOOL KIT - Business Job Recruiting & Placement Resources

TOOL KIT - Business Job Recruiting & Placement Resources

February 06, 2014

I am pleased to introduce the “Tool Kit”, a new theme within my Enterprise Corner blog.  Each month I’ll focus one of my posts on resources to help local business.  The first topic I want to cover concerns job placement resources for business.

The subject is particularly timely.  On a positive note we are seeing lots of businesses adding new employees.  At the same time though many companies are struggling to find capable people.  Technical and professional job openings are typically the toughest positions to fill, but employers are also telling us it is challenging to find entry level workers.

Here are some job recruiting resources that help companies find prospective employees:

WorkSource:  Our public employment offices offer several free recruiting services.  Worksource offices (and the related state website) can advertise positions, screen applicants, and provide space at their facilities for interviewing or hiring events.  You can directly contact a Business Services Representative to assist in managing your recruitment, set up a hiring event or schedule facilities use at:alt text

You can also access these resources by going to www.Go2WorkSource.com.  After registering on this site you will have the ability to:

  • Post and manage multiple job announcements.
  • View a report of applicants.
  • Save job announcements for later use.
  • Save résumés of potential candidates

If you post positions with WorkSource their staff will identify dislocated workers, veterans, and other prospective employees that come with on-the-job wage subsidies.  Many of these candidates come with years of work experience and have completed recent retraining courses.  

Employment Agencies:
Private employment agencies can be an excellent resource for finding good employees.  These firms provide temporary and permanent employees tailored to meet an employer’s needs. These firms often have a pool of technical or professional employees looking for jobs.  Several employment agencies also focus on supporting basic skill jobs at local companies.  Temporary employees from these agencies are also typically carried on the agencies’ payroll so businesses don’t have to deal with risks and liabilities that come with hiring new employees.  The costs for temporary employees are higher because the agencies are paying taxes but it still is an attractive option for many local employers.

alt textJob Portals – There are quite a few employee recruitment websites.  Big ones like Monster are complimented by local job boards like www.yakimajobs.com.  Our organization offers WorkYakimaValley.com.  This site provides links to local and national job boards as well as job portals that specialize in certain occupational areas.  We also created a special twitter-based job feed featuring new openings.  Companies that post jobs to their own websites can take advantage of this free twitter-based feed – click here to learn more about this resource.

 College and University Resources
Connecting with Central Washington University (CWU), Yakima Valley Community College (YVCC) or Heritage University can often help employers find capable employees.  CWU has a career services office.  Employers can advertise open positions, set up recruiting events, hire an intern, or be a guest speaker.  Heritage University is also developing a career placement office.  Contact Melissa Hill at 509-865-0411 to learn what Heritage offers.  YVCC provides tailored assistance to employers wanting to find qualified students in specific college programs.  Contact Please contact Linda Kaminski for assistance.

Hiring Veterans:  Jon Ison with ACTNOW Inc. specializes veteran placements.  Jon can be reached at 509-454-7989 or 509-930-9829.

Stay tuned for the next installment of “Tool Time” when I outline business financing resources

As a last related note our office is offering supervisory training classes for employers in late March.  These courses, back by popular demand, help businesses develop their key employees’ skills.  The classes are great for new supervisors or for managers who want to further hone their supervisory talents.

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