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Motivating Employees for Peak Performance

Motivating Employees for Peak Performance

April 28, 2015

Diana Welch owner of Human Resources & Management Solutions provides some great tips for motivating employees.  She has assisted hundreds of companies with personnel issues, policies and practices.  Welch reflected that the biggest step towards effectively managing and motivating employees is to have clear goals.  Setting effective company goals is the first step towards getting the team on the same page.  This allows supervisors to set specific, measureable, attainable, realistic, time sensitive goals for their employees. 

Setting company goals is important but each employee needs clear and specific expectations, defined responsibilities and ongoing communication along with coaching and support on how they fit into the bigger picture.  Top managers create a team environment of collaboration, cooperation with everyone working together for the success of the company.  Phew, this is no small feat! 

Diana WelchWelch explained that being a great manager requires someone that listens well, is fair and respectful, and brings out the best in people.  Generally if employees like their supervisor they work harder, and are more invested in the company.  Recognition plays a big role in retaining high performing staff.  The more heartfelt recognition the better.  Thanking people on the spot, showing appreciation and praising employees daily is important.  Making little overtures more often is far more effective than waiting to praise them at annual performance reviews.   

Leadership is the foundation towards creating a motivated, productive team.  Managers set the tone and play a critical leadership role in defining the direction, purpose, goals, and culture of the organization. 

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