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Adventurer RV Showcases Operation for Industry Roundtable Group

Adventurer RV Showcases Operation for Industry Roundtable Group

April 25, 2014

A group of local business managers and key employees visited Adventurer RV recently as part of New Vision’s industry roundtable initiative.  We learned that the company has grown from a small regional operation to an international industry leader in the RV industry.  Their Yakima plant designs, engineers, and constructs all the company’s recreational vehicles right here in the Yakima Plant. 

Adventurer relocated their production facility to Yakima in 2008.  Their headquarters remains in Vancouver British Columbia, and the company was founded in 1969.  Adventurer weathered the recent recession well.  The company acquired Eagle Cap campers in 2011 and manufactures a lot of its vehicles to support its RV rental fleet across Canada.    

Jeff Gaskell manages the Yakima facility and said the facility is less seasonal because it produces campers for its sister company who operates a sizeable camper rental business across Canada.  Europeans in particular love touring Canada and tourism has helped sustain the company through tough times.  The company is doing particularly well now that the broader RV market is healthier.  Jeff told us they now have over 100 employees and have improved their culture and compensation package to keep valuable employees. 

Adventurer is proud to be involved in the community and actively participates with Pegasus, Young Life and Memorial Neonatal fund drives.  They continue to enjoy keeping close relationships with their key suppliers and distribution networks throughout the county. 

New Vision was pleased to help Adventurer as it relocated to Yakima.  Our office helped with business licenses and tax credits.  For a little blast from the past here is a blog on Adventurer’s from 2011.

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