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Jeff Charbonneau Tapped to Work On Business Education Partnerships

Jeff Charbonneau Tapped to Work On Business Education Partnerships

June 20, 2014

Our association is excited to welcome Jeff Charbonneau as our new STEM Coordinator.  You may recognize Jeff’s name, he is well known around these parts as the 2013 National Teacher of the Year.  

Our STEM team, managed by Educational Service District 105 (ESD 105), will get a few hours of Jeff's time each day to build partnerships with business and advance STEM education in Central Washington.

New Vision is also contracting with work with the ESD to advance these business partnerships.  We will be introducing Charbonneau to local companies and have him mine these businesses for projects and problems that can be used in local classrooms.  As an example we may discover math/engineering problems appropriate for seventh graders.  We also hope to discover projects that teams of students can work on.  The goal is to bring real world problems and learning opportunities into local classrooms. 

The benefit of having Jeff work for our regional STEM team is that these projects can be shared with schools throughout Central Washington.  Our office is also having Jeff pull together a team of teachers that can participate in these visits.  Our hope is that a teacher from Sunnyside can join us on visits to Sunnyside employers.  This way we are getting real world learning models for all schools while introducing a local teacher to a business partner in their community. 

Over the next year our team hopes we can introduce Jeff to 30-40 businesses so robust exercises and projects come from a variety of employment settings. 

alt textJeff is already on a mission. While he doesn’t begin his role as STEM coordinator until late August he has already helping build the regional STEM website and organizing a STEM communications network. You can’t help but be impressed and inspired by Jeff’s passion and heart felt enthusiasm.  We are fortunate to have Jeff in this role and know we will see great results over the next year.

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