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Cintas Welcomes Roundtable Group

Cintas Welcomes Roundtable Group

April 21, 2015

Cintas recently welcomed our Roundtable group to show off their Yakima regional headquarters.   Cintas completed a $3.5 million dollar renovation at the Yakima facility - it's now the largest automated industrial laundry facility in our region.  Yakima's operation supports customers over a whopping 50,000 square mile area including 18 counties in Washington, Oregon and Idaho. 

The logistics and tracking of each piece of laundry is impressive.  For example a shirt worn by Jeff from Pasco arrives in Yakima stuffed in a  bag which is processed and laundered with over 100,000 other items that are cleaned that day and then returned to Jeff in the next day’s delivery.  Cintas General Manager Jason Jordan says it’s all about having the systems in place to monitor each garment. 

With a growing client base they take advantage of every efficiency to control and track the cleaning of over 250,000 pounds of laundry each week.  As you can imagine they go through lots of water, about 80,000 gallons a day is used, reused and treated before returning to city drains.  The new system is sophisticated enough to manage 90 different chemical wash formulas to meet sanitation specifications for everything from food soiled chef uniforms to stained medical scrubs to grungy floor mats just to name a few.

Cintas is a proud to be an employee owned corporation, which Jason says means each member (employee) is a shareholder invested in the success of the company.  The crew of 147 members are a cohesive team that have the pleasure of controlling their compensation through incentives based on performance.  The company enjoys low turnover and satisfied customers from this workforce model.

It was a privilege to see such a highly organized operation with natural team spirit.  We’re glad they are here to stay and grow in Yakima.

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