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September 03, 2014

I recently checked in with previous winners of our bizplan contest to see how they are doing and get their input regarding what it took to make it to the winners circle.  It was interesting that our winners shared a lot of common advice:

  • Get a jumpstart by starting on your plan before the contest starts.  Almost every winner said having a full plan or even a start gave them the ability to refine rather than create.  Our winners were able to learn from classroom instructors and improve their plans as the contest progressed.
  • “Know your business backwards and forwards” say’s Danise Cathel from Spring Harvest Fiber Mill, our 2013 winner.  “Your knowledge, passion and enthusiasm about every aspect of your business should come through in your plan and judges want to see that you understand what you’re doing and can explain it clearly”.

  • Nathan Coppock from Active Life Chiropractic expressed that using the resources made available to them in the contest like attending the workshops and asking for help from New Vision, SBDC and other advisors made all the difference in their success.
  • “Proof read, proof read, proof read, then have a least 3 more people that know nothing of your business, proof read some more”.  “This can’t be stressed enough” says 2010 winner Lori Babcock, owner of Tieton Farm and Creamery.  “Make improvements to your plan each time you receive feedback from proofreaders, advisors, and from the over 40 professional community members that serve as judges in the contest”. 

Who will be this year’s winner?  We hope it’s you!  Get all the details about the Enterprise Challenge using the links below:

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Contest scoring criteria and rules
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Fifth Annual Enterprise Challenge to Include Kittitas County Entrepreneurs

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