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Jean Brown

Jean Brown

Jean publishes a blog called the Enterprise Corner.  It features articles on entrepreneurship, local industry trends, manufacturing news and periodic ‘toolbox’ articles showcasing assistance, incentives and other resources for local businesses.



Enterprise Corner

Three Ways having a Business Plan Pays Off

Three Ways having a Business Plan Pays Off - July 03, 2015

It is no secret that we encourage entrepreneurs to develop a business plan prior to starting a business. In fact, part of the reason we started the Enterprise Challenge Business Plan Contest was to identify and reward Yakima County's best and brightest new businesses and entrepreneurs. One of the most valuable things entrepreneurs can do is to use their business plan as a working document and review often. The real value isn't in the actual completed plan, but in the process of gathering ... Read More »

Roundtable Group Tours Toppenish Del Monte Plant

Roundtable Group Tours Toppenish Del Monte Plant - June 19, 2015

Thursday morning our Industry Roundtable enjoyed a tour at the Del Monte facility in Toppenish. The cannery has been a fixture in the area since 1886 for locally grown corn and peas. The industry giant maintains a strong commitment to the community. Its longstanding relationship with growers, suppliers and brand managers is clearly a source of pride for the Del Monte staff. Our visit Thursday showcased the processing of peas, which runs from May to July. Their high volume crop is corn, which ... Read More »

Manufacturers Can Benefit From Specialized Online Training for Employees

Manufacturers Can Benefit From Specialized Online Training for Employees - June 11, 2015

Here is a great resource for companies that want to invest in their employees while improving productivity at their facilities. Manufacturers in Yakima County can register up to five of their employees for free online college courses. Make it in Washington Scholarships provide companies a great way to build manufacturing, logistics and management leadership skills. Course offerings include: advanced manufacturing; quality/lean and supply chain management; global sourcing and distribution; and ... Read More »

TOOL KIT:  Espanol Business Resources

TOOL KIT: Espanol Business Resources - June 03, 2015

There are a variety of resources available in Espaol for business owners and entrepreneurs. This issue of Tool Kit will highlight the online assistance available in Spanish. The newly released Small Business Administration Spanish Language Website offers all the assistance services of SBA in a convenient website dedicated to Spanish readers. Their services include advice for starting and managing a business, online workshops, information on loans and financing and opportunities to take advantage... Read More »

Crowdfunding:  Organizing and Running Successful Online Campaigns

Crowdfunding: Organizing and Running Successful Online Campaigns - June 01, 2015

Our crowdfunding workshop at Yakima Maker Space was a big success. About 30 entrepreneurs and nonprofit leaders joined us to learn more about crowdfunding , the popular online funding portals that offer significant new ways to fund start-up businesses, social causes, and non-profits. We teamed up with Yakima Maker Space and I Heart Yakima to offer the class, and brought in Greg Paley, a leading business consultant and attorney to highlight how crowdfunding works. Paley started the class by ... Read More »

Roundtable Focuses on Best Hiring Practices

Roundtable Focuses on Best Hiring Practices - May 22, 2015

Yakima County Development Association's May Roundtable put the spotlight on how to find and hire and retain great employees. Scott Washburn with Tree Top, Debbie Byrd with Triumph Actuation Systems and Lisa Garcia with Yakima Chief-Hop Union anchored a panel discussion on strategies they are using to fill key jobs at their companies. Each of them shared some great tips and insights surrounding effective employee recruitment/retention strategies. Tree Top, Triumph, and YCH Hops agreed that their... Read More »

TOOL KIT:  Real Estate - The Buy or Lease Decision

TOOL KIT: Real Estate - The Buy or Lease Decision - May 15, 2015

There are many factors every business owner needs to consider when getting ready to make the decision whether to buy or rent a business facility. Careful thought should be given to financial, tax, and business-specific elements. Ryan Smith a CPA with Petersen CPA's Advisors explains that businesses need to carefully consider their cashflow situation before making a decision on leasing or owning business property. Start-up businesses need to be flexible in the first several years to the many ... Read More »

The World (of Exporting) According to Jim Foley

The World (of Exporting) According to Jim Foley - May 05, 2015

The Yakima County Development Association recently hosted an great seminar on developing international markets. Our instructor, Jim Foley, was fantastic. Is it easy to see why some of my peers call Jim Foley one of the best export trainers in the country. He is passionate about helping small business grow and one of the most experienced export coaches around. The day long course acquainted participants with general trade development lessons but it also provided a backdrop where companies ... Read More »

Motivating Employees for Peak Performance

Motivating Employees for Peak Performance - April 28, 2015

Diana Welch owner of Human Resources Management Solutions provides some great tips for motivating employees. She has assisted hundreds of companies with personnel issues, policies and practices. Welch reflected that the biggest step towards effectively managing and motivating employees is to have clear goals. Setting effective company goals is the first step towards getting the team on the same page. This allows supervisors to set specific, measureable, attainable, realistic, time sensitive... Read More »

Cintas Welcomes Roundtable Group

Cintas Welcomes Roundtable Group - April 21, 2015

Cintas recently welcomed our Roundtable group to show off their Yakima regional headquarters. Cintas completed a $3.5 million dollar renovation at the Yakima facility - it's now the largest automated industrial laundry facility in our region. Yakima's operation supports customers over a whopping 50,000 square mile area including 18 counties in Washington, Oregon and Idaho. The logistics and tracking of each piece of laundry is impressive. For example a shirt worn by Jeff from Pasco arrives ... Read More »

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