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Jean Brown

Jean Brown

Jean publishes a blog called the Enterprise Corner.  It features articles on entrepreneurship, local industry trends, manufacturing news and periodic ‘toolbox’ articles showcasing assistance, incentives and other resources for local businesses.



Enterprise Corner

New Vision Launches Industry Roundtable to Support Local Business

New Vision Launches Industry Roundtable to Support Local Business - December 23, 2011

We are excited to announce the formation of a Business Industry Roundtable for the owners and managers of Yakima County's major industries. The New Vision Business Industry Roundtable is based on similar groups that have organized in other communities to coalesce local manufacturers and key industry leaders. Bra d McDowell, President of AB Foods/Washington Beef, is one of the biggest promoters of this initiative. "I was involved in a similar group in another community and it was such a good... Read More »

Washington Vision Therapy Center Wins Enterprise Challenge

Washington Vision Therapy Center Wins Enterprise Challenge - December 09, 2011

We are pleased to announce that three emerging businesses were selected as winners of our second annual business plan contest. These entrepreneurs were selected by seven judges that met with business plan contestants yesterday. Washington Vision Therapy Center won New Vision's Enterprise Challenge and received a check for $10,000. The specialized eye clinic is located in Yakima. Dr. Ben Winters is a developmental optometrist who specializes in providing vision therapy to clients with a ... Read More »

Eight Advance to Finals in Enterprise Challenge

Eight Advance to Finals in Enterprise Challenge - November 09, 2011

We are excited to announce that eight emerging businesses are advancing to the final round of the Enterprise Challenge business plan contest. These entrepreneurs were selected by a group judges that met with and evaluated business plan contestants at an afternoon trade show last week.The contestants went all out on their booths, and their business plan summaries. One judge commented, "The quality of the business plans were so much better than last year, and the contestants seemed to be much ... Read More »

Enterprise Challenge Contestants advance to 'Sweet 16'

Enterprise Challenge Contestants advance to 'Sweet 16' - October 24, 2011

The Enterprise Challenge is right in the heat of the competition! We have just completed the opening round and are into the 'Sweet 16'. There are now 16 entrepreneurs vying for the cash prizes in our business plan contest. I have been getting to know the contestants and have been very impressed with their hard work and effort thus far. There's a very broad mix of entrepreneurs, experience levels and businesses, which is adding a lot to the competition. Some of the entrepreneurs have started... Read More »

Three Hints for Developing a Business Message

Three Hints for Developing a Business Message - August 12, 2011

I attended a luncheon the other day and the keynote speaker was Stephanie Pierole, Director of Strategic Partnerships for the Wexley School of Girls . If you are not familiar with them, Wexley is neither a school, or just for girls; it is a full service advertising agency in Seattle that has big name clients such as the Seattle Sounders , the Seahawks, Car Toys, Oberto and many other national brands, to name a few. Ms. Pierole was in Yakima to give some insight into making customers fans, and ... Read More »

On Tap: Start-Up Advice from a Craft Brew Artisan

On Tap: Start-Up Advice from a Craft Brew Artisan - July 22, 2011

Yakima Craft Brewing. Just Good Beer... Sometimes a business name and slogan says exactly what it needs to. Jeff Winn, founder of Yakima Craft Brewing , recently spoke at the monthly Entrepreneur Spotlight and educated the audience on the craft brewing and hop industry, where the name of Yakima's only brewery (for now, we hope) came from and where they are today. Winn explained how Yakima Craft Brewing got started. He and his family were living in Portland, he was working in the high tech ... Read More »

Four Ways New Vision Helps Local Business Grow

Four Ways New Vision Helps Local Business Grow - July 01, 2011

You may have noticed recent changes on the website to incorporate local industry resources in addition to entrepreneur resources. We found that many topics overlapped and applied to both people that want to start a business and our local companies that want to grow and expand in our County. New Vision can help your company start and grow in Yakima County. There are numerous resources and tools in our toolkit, but here are four key ways we can help: 1. Tools and tax incentives for expanding ... Read More »

New Steps to Support Entrepreneurship in Yakima County - June 17, 2011

Our organization is pleased to announce the start of our new Entrepreneurial Friendly Cities (EFC) Initiative . Designed to support small businesses in Yakima County's rural cities, we expect to ultimately partner with several communities and help them advance strategies that aid home town businesses. Through our entrepreneurship initiative we learned that emerging and established businesses outside of Yakima have limited access to small business counselors and related support services. New ... Read More »

Companies that Innovate Adapt to Success - April 26, 2011

Companies that innovate and are proactive can break into new markets or stay ahead of their competitors, instead of reacting and then scrambling to keep up. I just met with one of our local manufacturers who has consistently come up with ways to make its process 'lean' and strives to offer new products that meet evolving customer needs. This particular company is fairly small so the President is the research and development department. Another interesting strategy is that since they have ... Read More »

Founder of Cranium offers Tips for Success in Business and Life - March 18, 2011

Richard Tait, founder of Cranium Board Games, provided some 'game changing' tips for success at our recent annual meeting. Tait captivated the audience with the story of how he came to invent Cranium and he also shared his tips for succeeding in life and business that he learned along the way. His story is inspirational and encouraging to everyone but especially entrepreneurs, after all, he and his partner sold Cranium to Hasbro for $77 million. Richard offered up eight principles that have ... Read More »

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