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Jean Brown

Jean Brown

Jean publishes a blog called the Enterprise Corner.  It features articles on entrepreneurship, local industry trends, manufacturing news and periodic ‘toolbox’ articles showcasing assistance, incentives and other resources for local businesses.



Enterprise Corner

More Tips & Tools on SBA Website

More Tips & Tools on SBA Website - December 27, 2010

The Federal Small Business Administration (SBA) has just revamped SBA.gov with all sorts of new tools and links for entrepreneurs and business owners. SBA online is jam-packed with tips tools for starting or growing a business. The newly revised website is even more user-friendly and offers some of the most comprehensive business planning and development information available, and it's all free! From an entrepreneurial assessment tool to writing a business plan , and searching for grants and... Read More »

Tieton Farm & Creamery Wins Enterprise Challenge

Tieton Farm & Creamery Wins Enterprise Challenge - December 14, 2010

Our organization is excited to announce that three emerging businesses were selected as winners of the association's inaugural business plan contest. These entrepreneurs were selected by seven judges that reviewed plans and heard pitches from our final contestants. Tieton Farm Creamery won New Vision's Enterprise Challenge and received a check for $10,000. The farm and c reamery is on a 21-acre farm located in Tieton. Tieton Farm Creamery combines responsible farming methods and artisanal... Read More »

Eight Entrepreneurs Advance in Business Plan Competition - November 05, 2010

We are excited to announce that eight emerging businesses are advancing to the final round of our association's business plan contest. These entrepreneurs were selected by 32 judges that met with and evaluated business plan contestants at an afternoon trade show yesterday. We were very pleased with the trade show. The judges and our contestants did a great job. The following companies are advancing on to the final round of the Enterprise Challenge: adorn . Owner: MaryAbigail Dills Adorn is... Read More »

Meet the Challenge Contestants! - October 21, 2010

The Enterprise Challenge is right in the thick of the competition! There are 17 entrepreneurs vying for the cash prizes in our business plan contest. I've been getting to know the contestants and have been very impressed with their hard work and effort thus far. There's a very broad mix of entrepreneurs, experience levels and businesses, which is adding a lot to the competition. Some of the entrepreneurs have started networking and learning from each other, even offering to help one another ... Read More »

Exit Stage Left - July 22, 2010

If you think an exit strategy is only something you need when you get on an airplane, you may need to revisit your business plan. An exit strategy can help you when you are planning to start your business, and is something that investors will ask about. Knowing how you want your business to eventually end up will help you immensely when starting up or preparing your business goals and benchmarks. Exit strategies may include selling your business, paying your investors back, retiring, ... Read More »

Great idea...but why should I care? - April 30, 2010

You may have the greatest idea in the world, but can you convince your customers why they should care about it? What makes it SO unique and different that they will choose it over your competition? These questions should be continually top-of-mind if you are pursuing a new business, idea or product. We recently held an in-depth training workshop for entrepreneurs and inventors on how to refine their ideas and products and to examine what the value is or why people should care. The workshop ... Read More »

Are you really an entrepreneur? - March 05, 2010

I've heard the definition of an entrepreneur is someone that sees a need or problem and designs something to fix said problem. Sounds easy enough, right? I see problems every day - I could do this! You're thinking, piece of cake, I could too! Just how do you know if you're an entrepreneur? Take Dan Isenberg's Two Minute Entrepreneur Test to see if you're destined to be an entrepreneur or if you may want to do some more soul searching. Love #15, Can you start without gobs of money? Then, if ... Read More »

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"New Vision has been a great partner for our business as we continue to grow in Yakima County. They helped us finish another expan-sion project recently and have instrumentally helped us grow from 20 to 200 employees in Yakima County." - Doug Christie, Amtech Corporation