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Leaders Eat Last:  Simon Sinek On Servant Leadership

Leaders Eat Last: Simon Sinek On Servant Leadership

March 27, 2015

Our association held its annual retreat recently and was captivated by a video featuring Simon Sinek.   He has vaulted onto the public scene as a result of giving one of the most popular TED talks of all time.  Sinek suggests that the "why" of organizations provides the most compelling rationale for believing in and supporting the company.  An expert on leadership, Sinek profiles how great businesses inspire their employees and customers by translating the why of their companies into a powerful vision that creates excitement and loyalty. 

Sinek's recent book, Leaders Eat Last, posits that our best leaders serve their employees and look for opportunities to help them succeed at every turn.  It is an interesting viewpoint that ties back to servant leadership principles that are helping companies create dedicated high performance cultures. In the book Sinek cites numerous examples of heroic behavior and extraordinary performance and how it traces back to leaders that are willing to sacrifice their own interests to support their team.  Rewarding people for individual performance does not necessary create loyalty and it can stoke selfishness and take away from team culture.  Instead Simon suggests that people feel most motivated and secure when they know the boss has their back.

alt textOur industry roundtable group recently watched Sinek talk about Servant Leadership and we are finding quite a few local companies interested in this management philosopy.  Our organization is looking at organizing a seminar on Servant Leadership this fall so stay posted as we work on the details.  

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