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Tieton Cider Shows Off New Facility

Tieton Cider Shows Off New Facility

December 23, 2014

Our Industry Roundtable group had the chance to celebrate the season at Tieton Cider Works recently.  Their new space on J Street has fast become a popular social spot for tasting and socializing.  We enjoyed the seasonal ciders as well as mainstays like apple, cherry and apricot.  

With the October grand opening under their belt, the company sees a bright future in their new location.  Fred Lopez the Cider Bar Manager explained that the larger facility gives them the ability to take advantage of a very favorable market.  .

Hard cider is the fastest growing alcoholic drink in the United States.  Over the last couple years cider production has tripled.  As the big brewers like Aneuser-Busch and MillerCoors jump into the cider market the industry is expecting more significant growth ahead. 

alt textTieton Cider Works was started by Craig and Sharon Campbell in 2008 – they have done a great job so far to grow and position their business for success.  The cidery which until recently resided in Tieton uses fruit from local family owned orchards to develop their varieties of cider.  The Campbells grow a number of unique apple varieties that are suited for cider.  

We encourage you to find the new Cider Bar and taste some outstanding cider.  The facility is a great gathering spot and wonderful addition to Yakima.  We look forward to watching Tieton Cider grow and congratulate the Campbells, their manager Marcus Roberts, and the entire crew on this great success story.

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