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TOOL KIT:  Business Licensing and Permitting

TOOL KIT: Business Licensing and Permitting

May 09, 2014

There are some excellent resources available for companies that need help with licensing or permitting issues. 

For entreprenuers our recently redesigned website includes all the elements from writing a business plan to officially opening the doors on the Getting Started page. 

Start ups need to take several steps to properly incorporate and license their business.  The good news is that Washington State has made this process relatively painless.  Entrepreneurs and other startups can get a lot of help by visiting the state’s business portal.  It contains links to the Department of Licensing where you can file electronically for state business licenses.  This webpage will also inform you if local permits or licenses are needed.  Our website also includes step by step instructions on how to obtain a Washington state business license and a Unified Business Identification Number (UBI). 

alt textEstablished business may need less licensing help and more assistance with permitting.  We have created a page on permitting which provides advice and pertinent information regarding permits and permit requirements for expanding businesses.

Feel free to contact our office if you need more support with licensing and permitting issues.

Established Business resources:

New Business resources:

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