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TOOL KIT:  Office for Regulatory Assistance and Innovation

TOOL KIT: Office for Regulatory Assistance and Innovation

August 17, 2014

If you need help surrounding development permits or business regulations the Governor's Office for Regulatory Assistance and Innovation can often help.  Originally called the Permit Assistance Center, the office was created by Governor Locke to improve customer service, coordinate permitting activity, and implement projects that streamline state or local regulations. Governor Inslee added innovation to the office's name and mission to reflect his interest in advancing innovative solutions to regulatory challenges. According to the Office's Deputy Director Sharon Wong:  "Our mission is to make it easy to do business in Washington state,"

A neat tool offered by the Office is their permit project questionnaire.  It can help you identify permits and requirements for wide ranging development projects.  People can fill out their online project questionnaire and get a comprehensive list of permits required for their project.  This list includes more information on each permit and who to contact regarding these regulations. 

The Office also maintains a Regulatory Handbook.  It is a excellent resource providing detailed information on permits, licenses and regulations.  The guide explains the "why" and "when" of each regulation and provides helpful links.

alt textTo put a human face to regulatory assistance the Office also has four staffers stationed in different areas of the state whose job is to help companies and individuals navigate through regulatory processes.  These technical staffers are paired with a central information center that responds to questions and requests for help.  To connect to the Office email them at help@oria.wa.gov or call 800-917-0043. 

General business development advice is also available on the Office's website.  Washington state has worked hard over the last few years to better coordinate this information, make it user friendly, and easy to find. 

Permitting and regulatory compliance get more complicated every day so we are pleased to see Washington state maintain an office that helps navigate applicants through required permits and related processes. 


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