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Toolkit:  Resume Banks and Other Tools for Hiring Employees

Toolkit: Resume Banks and Other Tools for Hiring Employees

November 13, 2014

We recently posted a couple new links on our jobs portal, www.workyakimavalley.com.  This site gets a lot of traffic from jobseekers and now employers have a new resource where they can review resumes online.  We found two good sources for local resumes - Indeed.com and Craigslist.

Indeed.com is a large national job board that allows employers to search resumes in specific geographic areas.  We have provided a link to search resumes in Yakima County.  Once you visit this site you can further specify the types of skills or job title you are looking for.  As an example here are results for people with human resource backgrounds.

alt textYou can also find quite a few resumes on Craigslist.  Go to the Yakima page to look for local candidates - click here to see local resumes.  Craiglist resumes are also searchable although this feature is less robust than sorting capability of indeed.com.  Craigslist also tends to list folks more interested in special assignments, part time work, and specialized trades.

As we visit local companies we are finding a lot of businesses in a hiring mode.  Some employers need lots of people but more often than not we discover that businesses are trying to fill particular job niches and being very careful who they hire.  We hope that these online resume sources might be a good resource for these firms that need to recruit new employees.

alt textWe also suggest that employers connect with local employment agencies when they have positions to fill.  Elwood Staffing, ACTNOW and BBSI all help local employers find temporary or permanent employees.  Another resource is the public job exchange, Washington Worksource.  Registering as an employer on this site allows you to post jobs and review resumes.  You can also ask worksource staff to screen applicants and refer prospective employees that match your position's or positions' skill requirements. 

It is ironic that we have many companies looking for talent at the same moment when many people are looking for work.  Hopefully these resume banks and employment agencies can help produce win win situations where a good employee finds a job at a company who needs his or her talents.

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